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Black Teas

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Black tea generally should be made with water at a full, rolling boil, 212 degrees.

Black teas steep 4-6 minutes. (Darjeelings are the exception, they should be steeped 2-3 minutes.)

  • Darjeeling Tea
    Darjeeling Tea
    $23.25 $15.50
    Darjeeling tea Darjeeling tea is considered as “champagne of tea” for its rich flavor and aroma. The tea is grown only in tea estates of Darjeeling in India and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world as...

  • Earl Grey Tea
    Earl Grey Tea
    $17.50 $11.50
    Earl Grey Tea benefits have been in the consciousness of many tea aficionados and it has often been drunk to provide relaxation and calm during stressful times. Earl grey tea is a popular type of black tea. It is made from...

  • English Breakfast  Tea Blend
    English Breakfast Tea Blend
    $18.00 $12.00
    English Breakfast Tea English Breakfast Tea has been marketed as a "Breakfast Tea" in England for over a century. It is a blend of several black teas derived from various locales including India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and...

  • Irish Breakfast Tea
    Irish Breakfast Tea
    $19.74 $13.15
    Irish Breakfast Tea For those coffee-lovers who claim that tea just doesn't have enough kick - this is the tea for you. Irish breakfast tea is stronger than English breakfast blends, and if you leave it to steep for very...

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