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Essential Oil Burner Accessory

Essential Oil Burner Accessory

Start with a fragrant room, end with a pot pourri.

Recycling at its best !



Avoid the problem of sticky oil residue on the bowl of your electric oil burner and avoid the hassle of having to keep the water topped up if you have a candle oil burner.

Place 1 - 3 teaspoons zeolite powder into the bowl of the oil burner (depending on size of bowl), making 4 or 5 slight depressions in the powder for essential oil.

Put 1 drop of essential oil into each depression.  The 9 - 10 drops recommended by retailers of essential oils and oil burners are not needed as zeolite reduces the amount of oil which has to be used.  Use 4 - 5 drops of oil depending on the strength of the fragrance and the size of the room.  When the fragrance fades, add another couple of drops of the same oil or a complementary oil if you want to create a blend.  After a few days change the zeolite and oil.


To recycle, empty the fragrant zeolite into a small paper envelope to use as a potpourri.  They last for ages, trials over 6 months show the potpourris to be still very fragrant.  Before Placing them in your clothes drawers, wardrobes, under sink cupboard or in shoes gently crush the hard clumps to rub fragrance into paper.  When fragrance has gone from potpourri empty envelope into kitty litter to absorb odour.

Cleaning the oil burner is easy as there is no sticky oil residue.  Wipe the bowl with a damp paper towel and it is ready to use again.




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