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Far Infrared Therapy

Far Infrared Therapy

Healing With Far Infrared Therapy

Are you suffering from any types of arthritis, Bursitis and rheumatism or joint pain, or Raynaud's disease, or Lupus, or Carpal Tunnel disease? Are you trying to control your diabetic symptom, or increase blood flow in your body, or fighting with chronic fatigue?  If you are, Far Infrared Therapy can help.

Far Infrared Therapy uses the benefits of Far Infrared light to help regulate your body and relieve the pain and various symptoms associated those conditions. Far Infrared light has been shown to be of great therapeutic effects to living cells. Among other benefits, Far infrared light has been shown to:

  • Improve blood microcirculation
  • Promote regeneration and fast healing
  • Reduce inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.

 Far infrared clothing, which are made from Far Infrared emitting fiber and can emits low dosage of Far Infared thermo energy, made it possible to let people experience the far infrared therapy 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help regulate the body all day long. Far Infrared clothing encompasses far infrared undergarments, Far Infrared Therapy Gloves, far infrared knee band (or knee braces), far infrared shapewear, far infrared socks, waist belt, etc.  They can be applied to your whole body or a particular part of the body.

Far Infrared Therapy for Arthritis Pain

What is arthritis? Arthritis refers to more than 100 different muscle/skeletal conditions. The most common diseases of those more than 100 are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout and increasingly, fibromyalgia.

Most of the symptoms of arthritis are characterized by joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. For most people arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the body ages. In fact, most people over the age of 50 show some signs of arthritis. Joints naturally degenerate over time. Fortunately, arthritis can be managed through a combination of therapy, medication, exercise, rest, nutrition, and, in some cases, surgery.

Far Infrared therapy has proven to be one of those therapies that can effectively help you manage the pain of arthritis. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) can penetrate up to [3.5] inches beneath the skin and directly apply to the area that cause the pain. Among Far Infrared (FIR) healing benefits are its ability to:
improve blood circulations;
enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's soft tissue areas;
remove accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation;relax muscles and spasm.

In the ends, those effects all work towards relieving arthritis and pain caused by it.

Far Infrared Therapy With Far Infrared Fabric

Therapy, in medical term, means the act of remediation of a health problem, after the diagnosis. Far Infrared Therapy is a type of low energy therapy using light in the far infrared spectrum for the treatment of a health problem. Far Infrared Therapy is also sometimes abbreviated to FIR Therapy or Infrared Therapy for short. ElectroMagneticSpectrum

The most light we see every day is actually a combination of many different types. All lights are electro-magnetic waves. The wavelengths of lights determine their properties. Lights could be visible, or invisible. Visible lights could also present different colors. As shown in above image, the Sun lights spectrum ranges from ultraviolet and violet on the short wavelength side, to red and infrared on the long wavelength side.

Different types of light interact with our body differently. In general, the shorter the wavelength of a light, the harmful it is to living cells. Lights, like ultraviolet, are very harmful to living cells. The most beneficial lights are those whose wavelength is near the red light. Far Infrared Therapy, or FIR therapy or Infrared Therapy uses far infrared light which is part of the Sun light spectrum whose wavelengths fall just below (what the word infra means) the visible red light.

Far Infrared Therapy With Far Infrared Clothing
Cover the whole body; Strengthen the ailing parts©
Many years of experience in far infrared therapy products concluded that the most effective way of using our products is to: Cover the whole body with undergarment; Strengthen the ailing parts with accessories and/or bands©

Although the wavelengths of FIR are too long for the eyes to perceive, we can experience its energy as gentle, radiant heat, which can penetrate up to [3.5] inches beneath the skin. So Far Infrared Therapy , or FIR Therapy is also a kind of light therapy and heat therapy, it works to enhance health through following principles:
Improve micro blood circulation by soothing blood vessels, which are biologically beneficial.
Increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body’s soft tissue areas.
Enhance white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products.
Remove accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation which are often at the core of many health problems. The build up of toxins in a health body could block the normal blood circulation and impair the cellular energy. When FIR waves are applied, the water molecules that encapsulate the toxins get heat up, and start to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released and the body gets rejuvenated.
Promote regeneration and fast healing Increase metabolism between blood and tissue. Stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neuro-chemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure
Through above mechanism, Far Infrared Therapy with FIR therapeutic clothing products could put the body under far infrared treatment any time of the day, and however long the user wants. With low dose of FIR energy, there is no risk of burning of the body cell.
Far Infrared Therapy has been shown to have good effects in treating following symptoms:
Muscle pain and spasm
Shoulder or joint stiffness
Raynaud’s syndrome
Venous insufficiency or venous disease
Chronic Fatigue or immune insufficiency

Far Infrared Therapy has also been shown to aid the process of weight loss, to promote the growth of new hair, to improve immune system and the overall health.

Far infrared therapy follows the holistic healing principle. It does not only treat a symptom, it enhances the whole body function, the treatment of the symptom simply comes along naturally.

Far Infrared Fiber
Far Infrared fiber refers to fiber that 'emits' far infrared rays. Our Far Infrared (FIR) Fiber is made from 95% polypropylene and 5% special lead-free ceramics utilizing our patented technologies. The ceramic is the key for 'emitting' the far infrared rays.

The ceramic that 'emits' FIR is commonly called bio-ceramic. Bio-Ceramic is made from many different kind of ceramics mixed with mineral oxides, likes Silica Oxide (SiO2), etc. The mixture is heated together at 1600 degrees centigrade to form the FIR emitting ceramic. After cooling down, it becomes the lead free, bio-ceramic with FIR emitting properties.

The bio-ceramic is then ground into micro particles in nano scale and inseminated into polypropylene during the polypropylene fiber forming process. The fiber is then stretched, twisted and made into various forms for various needs. Unlike soaking or coating process, with the insemination process, the bio-ceramic particles stay inside of the fiber and they cannot be dropped from washing. Because the bio-ceramic particles are in nano scale; they are so small and can stay inside the fiber no matter how thin it is.

Once the FIR fiber is manufactured, it could be made into waist wraps, knee bands, shirts, underwear, pillows, sheets, etc. anything people like. FIR wear could be comfortably worn indistinguishably from normal clothes.

How can the bio-ceramic emit far infrared? Will there be any side effects? While, the principle is very simple. It is a well-known fact that human body constantly emits thermo energy. When the bio-ceramic is stimulated by the thermo energy of human body, it converts it into the far infrared rays and reflects it back into the human body. So the far infrared ray emitted by the far infrared fiber is really powered by our own body and there are no known side effects.

Alternative Medicine's Description of Far Infrared Light

Far-infrared wavelengths fall just below (what the infra means) visible red light in the electromagnetic spectrum. At the molecular level, Far Infrared light exerts strong rotational and vibrational effects that are biologically beneficial.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide

Although the wavelengths of Far Infrared light are too long to perceive by the naked eyes, we can experience its energy as gentle, radiant heat, which can penetrate up to [3.5] inches beneath the skin. Among FIR's healing benefits is its ability to stimulate inflammation, which is necessary for a period of time to heal injuries (such as a pulled muscle). Far Infrared light is also capable of enhancing white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and eliminating foreign pathogens and cellular waste products in the body. Additional benefits of FIR include the ability to stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurochemicals, which is involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure; enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's soft tissue areas; and the removing accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation.

Alternative Medicine, pg 670.
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