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First Aid, Pimple Clearing & Hygiene

First Aid, Pimple Clearing & Hygiene

First Aid

Zeolite has a slightly alkaline pH level which helps to soothe irritations, its absorbing properties draw out poisons and the minerals ease pain. Zeolite paste and zeolite water are used in most of these remedies.

How to Make Zeolite Water
Add 1 teaspoon zeolite powder to a glass of water, stir and allow to settle for a few minutes.  The sediment can be saved and used as zeolite paste.

How to Make Zeolite Paste
Put a tablespoon of zeolite powder into a small bowl. Add 2 teaspoons water and mix to a paste. Quantities vary depending on how much you need and whether you want a thin paste to treat large areas like sunburn or a thick paste to treat bites and stings.

Use thin zeolite paste to ease sunburn. It helps to soothe the burned area, take away the pain, draw out the heat, take away the redness and prevent blistering. The zeolite helps to remove dead skin cells then  repair and rejuvenate the cells damaged by the sun.

Minor Burns
Minor burns can be treated in the same way as sunburn.

Minor Bleeding
Zeolite stops bleeding from minor scratches and wounds. Pour the powder directly onto the scratch and press down firmly. More powder may have to be put on top to stop the flow completely.

Mosquito and Sandfly Bites
In tropical areas every insect bite has the potential to become a tropical ulcer. If you live in these areas, dab zeolite paste onto bites and the surrounding areas straight away to stop the itch and then leave it on individual bites until they have completely healed to prevent infection. When the dried paste falls off completely, reapply it. Alternatively, cover with a band-aid to keep in place and to keep the paste moist.

Wasp Stings
If youve been attacked by a swarm of wasps, cover the whole area with thin zeolite paste instead of covering individual bites as its difficult to pinpoint each sting over a large area. Relief is rapid. As the zeolite dries you will notice that the individual bites show up as the zeolite takes longer to dry over these areas. If a second application is needed, just dab thicker paste onto each bite.

Tick Bites
Tick bites are a lot less painful when zeolite paste is applied as soon as the tick has been removed, reapply as necessary. Zeolite draws out the ticks poison and helps to prevent infection.

Ant Bites
Apply a thick dob of zeolite paste to the bite and surrounding area. When the paste dries, remove and reapply if necessary.

Cat Scratches
Zeolite paste helps to calm the welts caused by cat scratches. If the scratch is bleeding sprinkle zeolite powder onto the scratch instead. Press the zeolite powder firmly onto the wound to help stop the bleeding.

Bumps and Sprains
Generously apply thick Zeolite Paste to the injury. When the paste dries, rinse it off and repeat if necessary. If the injury is swollen, say for example a sprained ankle or knee, cover the paste with a bandage to keep it moist longer.

Irritated or Inflamed Gums
Rinse mouth frequently with zeolite water until condition improves.

Rinse your mouth with zeolite water at the first sign of toothache, repeat frequently. If the pain becomes severe, cover the affected tooth with a thick dob of zeolite paste while waiting to go to the dentist. Repeat when zeolite has dissolved.

Leg Ulcers
Apply zeolite paste to the area of red skin immediately around the edge of the ulcer.  Leave for about 30 minutes then  remove with a clean wet cloth.  Repeat application 3 times a day or as required.

Bed Sores
Sprinkling zeolite powder onto bed sores helps to shrink them.

Pimple Clearing Treatment

Oil Free Cleanser
For normal to oily skin.  Deeply cleanses and detoxifies, helps to clear pimples and blackheads.  Blend 3 teaspoons zeolite with 1 teaspoon water.  Apply to face with a gentle upward and outward massaging motion. Rinse thoroughly. You can also leave to dry as a mask before rinsing.

Spot Treatment
Use thick zeolite paste to dob onto pimples.  When dry, remove and repeat if necessary.

Face Mask

Blend 3 teaspoons zeolite with 1 teaspoon water, allow to dry before rinsing. 

Zeolite Water

Drinking a glass of zeolite water every day helps to clear pimples and acne and also helps to reduce old acne scars.

Zeolite Soap also helps to clear pimples and acne.


Personal Hygiene

Deodorant and Heat Rash Powder
After bathing, sprinkle zeolite sparingly under your arms as a deodorant. In summer apply sparingly to heat rash areas.  Caution:  As with all powders, avoid inhaling the fine dust.

Mouth Wash
Zeolite water used as a mouth wash is very useful to soothe irritated or inflamed
gums, it gets rid of bad breath and helps to soothe mild toothaches.  To make zeolite water add 1 teaspoon zeolite to a glass of water, stir and allow to settle for a few minutes.

Bad Breath
Rinse your mouth whenever necessary, also gargle.  Rinse mouth before going to bed.

Rinse your mouth and lips thoroughly after every cigarette, also gargle.

Brushing Teeth
After brushing your teeth swirl zeolite water around your mouth.

Acid Forming Foods
Rinse your mouth thoroughly after indulging in acid forming foods like chocolate.

At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with zeolite water.  Gargle once a day as a preventative to sore throats.

Foot Odour
Drink one glass of zeolite water every day for 2 or 3 days to help with this problem.  If it reoccurs, drink zeolite water for a longer period.  Also sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of zeolite powder into smelly shoes, leave overnight then shake powder out.  Soak smelly socks overnight in a solution of zeolite water then wash.

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