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Household Uses & Pet Care

Household Uses & Pet Care

Zeolite in the Kitchen

Wash Vegetables
Add a teaspoon of zeolite powder to a large bowl or half sink of water. Soak vegetables for a few minutes to rid them of any harmful chemicals then rinse under tap.

Thickening Soups, Stews, etc
Zeolite powder can be added to any cooked food which needs thickening. Put required amount of zeolite into a small bowl, add a small amount of water and stir to dissolve. Add to food at thickening stage, stir well. It is hard to say how much zeolite should be used, it all depends on the quantity cooked and how thick you want it to be. Start with 1 teaspoon and increase if necessary. Using zeolite this way helps to increase your mineral intake.

Fruit Smoothies
Add 1 - 2 teaspoons zeolite powder to any type of smoothie.

Sprinkle 1 teaspoon zeolite over your cereal.

Odour Removal

Musty Damp and Mildew Odours
Sprinkle zeolite in areas of persistent dampness to dry out and eliminate odours. Place a bowl of zeolite (any grade) under the kitchen sink, in the fridge or any other area prone to damp.

Cigarette Smoke
Place a large bowl of zeolite (any grade) in living areas where cigarette smoke lingers. To reactivate the zeolite, once a week take the bowl outside, stir it and place in the sun for a few hours. For heavy atmospheres, spray the zeolite with water to increase activity. If you smoke, rinse your mouth, gargle and drink zeolite to help rid yourself of harmful chemicals.

Caravan and Boat Toilets
Add zeolite powder to the holding tank to eliminate odours. Use quarter to half a cup.

Detoxifying Supplement for Pets

Everything zeolite does for humans, it does for your pets.

If your dog has a persistent, hard to heal rash, try zeolite ... it has worked for others. 

Add 1 - 2 teaspoons zeolite powder (depending on size of animal) to a small bowl of water and place next to your pet’s normal water bowl.  When the water level drops, add more water.  Replace zeolite every few days.  As well as adding minerals to your pet’s diet, zeolite powder also helps with dental hygiene.

Zeolite can also be added to your pet's wet food.  Quantity depends on their size e.g.1/4 teaspoon for a cat or small dog up to 1 teaspoon for a large dog.

Caged Birds
Add a bowl of zeolite water to the bird cage to help maintain their health.

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Zeolite in the Laundry

To remove odour from smelly socks add 1 dessertspoon zeolite powder to a small bucket of water, soak smelly socks for a few hours or overnight.  Soaking in zeolite also helps to remove dirt.  After soaking, rinse well before adding to the washing load.

Washing Booster
Synthetic zeolites are used extensively in laundry detergents to soften water and help remove grease and dirt.  Superfine zeolite powder also works well  Add about 1 table-spoon zeolite to the washing machine at the same time as adding the detergent.  Less laundry detergent can be used when zeolite is added to the wash.

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