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Adya Water Filtration Unit

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  • Create pure living ionic mineral spring water
right form you own Tap Water!
    Adya 5 Stage Ceramic Filtration System
    $295.00 $249.00
    The Gravity fed five stage Ceramic Filtration system includes a .2 micron ceramic filter in the upper chamber of the unit and four stages of earth in the bottom chamber for a more pure, crisp tasing mineral water in which...

  • 4 Layer Earth Filter
    Adya Four Layer Earth Filter
      Exclusively for use with the Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System. Your water will filter through 4-layers of earth which include activated carbon and zeolites. The richest spring waters in the world are...

  • Replacement Filter
    Roxtract Ceramic Dome Top Filter
     The ceramic filter lasts approximately 1 to 2 years. The life of the ceramic filter is determined by the quality of your water, amount of water filtered, and the gentleness by which you treat the filter. .2 micron...

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