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The most recent National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES study performed every 10 years) found that United States human iodine levels declined 50% over the 30 year period of 1971 to 2000. (source: CDC (Centers for Disease Control))

Of 100 pregnant Boston women, 50% had iodine levels below the RDA of 220 ug/day level for pregnant women, and 9% had 'severe iodine deficiency' levels below 50 ug/day. (source: Thyroid 2004; 14 327-8)

"Iodine deficiency is world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation." 129 countries soils are profoundly iodine deficient. 1/3 of world's population live in iodine deficient areas. Mortality rates are 50% higher in iodine deficient populations. Currently, 72% of world's population is affected by iodine deficiency. (source: W.H.O.)

Only 35% of prescription prenatal vitamis contain iodine. Those that do, only 15% contain just over 1/2 the RDA level for iodine.

The government's RDA for iodine was set up to prevent Goiter only, which is considered a 'serious iodine deficiency,' and does not address the body's other 'essential' needs for adequate daily iodine intake (as has been done for other mineral RDA levels), and does not address the increased exposure of the body to goitrogens (iodine blocking agents, i.e. bromine, chlorine, flourine (as flouride), etc.) in the environment and food supply.

Numerous physicians have noted that many hard to diagnose health problems in fact often have multiple symptomologies that mimick iodine/thyroid deficiency, and those physicians who do treat a person based on these symptomology profiles typically obtain positive clinical responses - based on treating an iodine/thyroid deficiency!


Every cell in the body contains and utilizes iodine.

The thyroid is the body's major iodine storage site.

A woman's breasts are the second highest storage site in the body.

Women have a higher iodine need than men do.

Iodine is a core 'essential' element in fetal development, and ongoing DNA driven processes throughout life.


Stigma of using salt... hypertension (less than 50% of households use iodized salt).

Radioactive iodine in greater use in medicine... exacerbates iodine deficiency.

Chemical exposures to goitrogens... bromine, chlorine, flourine (as flouride) and drugs (that contain goitrogens).

Declining daily overall mineral uptake levels... soil erision, monoculture-based farming, highly processed foods, etc.

Diet... foods deficient in iodine and foods that possess goitrogen compounds (i.e. soy, cruciferous veges, spinach, etc.).


Low to no ocean fish or sea vegetables intake.

– Depending on 'sea' or 'real' salts that in fact don't contain adequate amounts of iodine to maintain healthy iodine levels.

inadequate use of iodized salt... especially with 'Low Sodium' diets.

Vegan and vetetarian diets... either low in iodine levels or containing high levels of goitrogen compounds.

Drinking chlorine residue-rich water from high chlorine levels treated municipal water (chlorine is a goitrogen).

Flourine (as flouride) in municipal water supplies (floride is a major goitrogenic agent).

Bromine in foods and beverages... brominated vegetable oils, electrolyte/sugars replenishers, carbonated drinks, etc.

Bakery products... breads, pastas, cereals, etc. contain bromine (bromine is a major goitrogenic agent).


In the late 1970's bromine was substituted for iodine in ALL bakery products due to misinformation about iodine.

Bromine is TOXIC! It has no known useful benefit in the body.

Bromine substitution for iodine worsened an already well established prior iodine-deficiency problem in America.

Bromine (like its sibling halogens, chlorine and flourine (as flouride)) blocks the body's ability to uptake and utilize iodine.


All physiology and biochemistry texts clearly state the body needs and utilizes 'iodine,' not iodine/iodide, iodides or iodates.

A true transformative mono elemental iodine matrix is much less toxic than iodine/iodide matrix. In fact, mineral iodides are used to break up pure mono elemental iodine crystal clusters and then bind with the pure iodine to gentle pure mono elemental iodine's toxic effects, though the potassium iodide 'iodizing' of iodine does not completely detoxify pure mono elemental iodine. (This is the reason iodides are used in conjunction with pure mono elemental iodine crystals in their manufacture.)

– Transformative mono elemental glycerite of iodine uses a proprietary process that does not use any iodides or other iodine binding mineral compounds... only pure USP grade mono elemental iodine is used in the transformative Pureodine™ process.

– Transformative mono elemental glycerite of iodine matrix does not irritate oral mucosa or upset the stomach and is immediately absorbed into the blood stream. Approximately 20% or less of the iodine in iodine/iodide matrix compound is actually utilized in the body, leaving the other non-utilizable 80% iodine to be excreted from the body, which often tricks interpreters of iodine spillage urine tests into thinking someine is iodine saturated, when in fact they are not.

– All exogenic-based iodine/iodides presented nutritionally/medicinally into the body first have to go to the liver where these iodine/iodide matrix' end up being broken down to their separate constituent parts, and then the liver recombines the mono elemental iodine back into its own iodide forms it can utilize – hence the intake of exogentic-based iodine/iodide matrix is an inefficient burden on the body's metabolism and buffering systems.

– Transformative mono elemental glycerite of iodine is immediately taken to the liver where it is then converted into endogenic-based potassium iodide, sodium iodide, calcium iodide, magnesium iodide, etc. and then transported throughout the body to mineral specific body tissues (i.e. potassium iodide for thyroid/lymph tissues, sodium iodide for respiratory/digestive tissues, calcium iodide for bone/muscle tissues, magnesium iodide for nerve/heart tissues, etc.).

– Transformative mono elemental glycerite of iodine is more 'body-friendly,' efficiently itilized, and the most non-toxic.


Iodine levels have fallen 50% over last 30 years (from an already seriously low level).

During this time there has been a concurrent increase in thyroid related conditions, autoimmune disorders and numerous cellular mutagenic problems.

If iodine were a dangerous agent for the above conditions, especially as a preventative-based daily intake supplement with a much higher RDA (set at a level to adequately meet ALL the body's iodine needs), then incidences of the above conditions would not have risen over the past 30 years!


Iodine Deficiency Is A Scientifically Verifiable Fact!

The Multiple Causes of Iodine Deficiency Are Also Well Established,
As Are The Symptoms and Consequences of Iodine Deficiency.

Mono Elemental Iodine Is What The Body Converts Into Its Own Complex
Endogenic-Based Iodides For Essential Tissue Storage Needs.

Only Adequate Daily Levels of Supplementary Iodine Intake
And Avoiding Goitrogenic Containing Foods, Beverages,
Water and Chemicals Will Solve Iodine Deficiency.


FOR CLINICIANS: Determining how much iodine a person should take on a daily basis is based on a two-fold combination of a person's health history relative to hyperthyroid/hypothyroid issues and related cardiovascular related issue (including medical procedures history, medications history, etc.), and that if a person is able to take a daily dose of supplemental iodine then how much is taken being determined through an 'Iodine Loading Test.'  Dr. David Brownstein (MD) recommends the following Iodine Loading Test protocol: A - first morning urine is discarded; B - 50 mg of Iodine/Iodide is taken (which would equate to XX ml of XODINE™ being taken); C - 24 hour urine is collected; D - Iodine excretion is measured.  Dr. Brownstein states that once an iodine sufficient state is attained, there is 90% excretion of iodine (45 mg (which would be XX ml of XODINE™), of which 90% excretion provides the best clinical response for ascertaining daily intake level of iodine for an individual.

[Even so, clinicians should be aware that the iodine loading urine spillage test is only ascertining iodine loading (i.e. 'saturation') on the fluid systems of the body – not iodine loading of the tissues of (i.e. 'assimilating' into) the body. It is assimilation of iodine into the body's tissue's (not saturation of the body's fluid systems with iodine) that is key to normalizing and optimizing iodine related health factors. The fact that an Iodine Loading Test does not ascertain tissue absorption levels of iodine, only systemic fluid saturation of iodine, is not too dissimilar in its highly specific (and limited) use/interpretation to how a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test can test for TSH levels to specifically ascertain Type 1 Hypolthryoid, but cannot ascertain Type 2 Hypothyroid, also referred to as TSH resistant hypothyroid, a condition that will be completely missed if relying only on a THS test to ascertain all aspects of hypothyroid activity – just like relying only on a standard urine spillage 'Iodine Loading Tests' to arbitrarily determine daily iodine intake levels while missing potential tissue 'iodine resistance' issues requiring other dietary, supplemental and clinical considerations for dealing with iodine resistant issues. These shared observations are excellent examples of where a clinician (and patient/client) is best served by not becoming over dependent on a lab test to make singularly arbitrarily assessments/determinations concerning daily levels of supplemental iodine intake but instead incorporating more 'differentially' based inputs and considerations into making important, and for many individuals, essential life enhancing (or prolonging) assessments/determinations concerning levels of daily supplemental iodine intake.]

Individuals who have thyroid and/or cardiovascular problems or are on any medications should consult with a physician before using XODINE transformative nanocolloidal iodine matrix. Side effects and/or contraindications, if any, would generally be the same as that listed for any other supplemental use and/or topical use based iodine matrix preparation.

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