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Psoriasis, Lyme's Disease and Debilitating Rash on Shitzu

The Zeolite is amazing!  It completely cleared up my partner's Psoriasis in three weeks! I have Lyme's and am feeling much better myself. I have sent several other friends to you and the reports back are also good.  Happy for you to use our testimonial, we are just so wrapped at the result for the psoriasis, she had tried everything on the planet to get rid of it and nothing worked - except the 'Zeolite'. The skin has completely regrown a healthy pink colour. My partner took a level teaspoon at night before going to bed (away from other foods and minerals etc) and I took a heaped. So far so good! We also put it in our dog's food and a debilitating rash on my Malteze Shitzu (which the Vet told me was uncurable and would get worse and that there was absolutely nothing he could do for her) has completely cleared up!

G. Allen, Clareville, September 2013


Chemical Sensitivities

Are you ready for it!!  Zeolite to the rescue, live again!!  I went to a convention at Brisbane Entertainment Centre for a 3 day convention with 9 thousand people.  I haven’t been able to do that for 14 years.  They did have great air con, but still I was not able to do it before, even with air con.  I have been on zeolite for 6 months to get to this stage, zeolite is giving me more of a great life.

L. Sweeny, Nambucca Heads, NSW, November 2013


Urinary Tract Infection

I recently had a very painful urinary tract infection and a friend gave me some zeolite powder to see if it would help.  It did and worked very quickly, in less than 24 hours it had completely cleared up.

T. Sanchez, Tea Gardens, NSW, June 2014


Psoriasis and Pain Relief

Today I got more Minerals (zeolite) and your e-mail. Thanks a lot for both.  I take the minerals 3 times a day a teaspoon full and it had a great effect to me. I did fall in the rain weeks ago flat on my back and I had for 3 weeks a lot of pain in my left leg and in my lower back. After one day that I did take the Minerals I could feel that the pain is going away and after one week all pain is gone. My Husband had a very bad skin condition he had Psoriases very bad since 10 years over 75 % of his body and he take the Minerals too, 3 times a day a teaspoon full and his skin is nearly back to normal.  We are very happy about this and I feel great and take the Minerals every day now and my Husband too.   Thanks again,

Kind regards, Uta

Uta van Delft, Bermagui, NSW, May 2008




Zeolite is a very helpful mineral!  When our cats had suspected giardia it was the only thing that helped them heal, powerful stuff!!!

It wasn't a confirmed case of giardia but all the symptoms matched and after researching I realised they use zeolite to filter giardia from drinking water so I proceeded to treat them with it and the results were instant :)

J. Rogers, Umina, NSW, November 2014


Happy Cat, Acne Cleared Up and More

We have been giving our five year old cat half a teaspoon of zeolite powder in her wet food every day for a few weeks.  Since then there has been a tremendous change in her behaviour.  Whereas before she was grumpy and sedentary, now the grumpiness has gone and she is full of life and playful.

Our teenage son has had cystic acne for years on his face, back and legs.  The condition had begun to clear but painful boils were still appearing frequently until he started having one teaspoon of zeolite in water every day.  The boils are no longer appearing and the healing process has accelerated.

We gave some zeolite to a friend to try.  After taking it for awhile she noticed that red patches which she’d had on the back of her arms for many years had completely disappeared.

My wife and I have both been drinking it and feel it has made an overall improvement in our health.  The whole family is having great results from zeolite powder, we think it’s great.

J. Hogg, Palm Beach, Qld, June 2014


Acne Scars

The zeolite has been great. My younger daughter has got bad acne scars and said they are finally starting to disappear, just by taking the zeolite and making some diet changes! My daughter has been staying away from starchy foods and grains. She has lots of green juices and smoothies. Apart from that it's mainly fresh fruit and veggies with quinoa or rice. She is not a big meat eater but not a vegetarian either, she's eating a bit of chicken, fish and eggs too. And no processed foods of course. I am so glad I came across the Zeolite, thanks again.

S. Schult, Albany, January 2014


Beautifying Face Mask

It's the best mask I’ve ever used, in fact it's the most effective skin care product I’ve used in 40 years in the beauty industry.

C. Armstrong, Product Formulator and Founder of Spa & Wellness Magazine, Mountain Creek, Qld. April 2013

Thank you so much for those face masks! My girlfriend and I tried them on the weekend and our skin feels absolutely amazing!

B. Hehir, Arundel, Qld.  September, 2013


Zeolite Soap

I have always been allergic to oil and petroleum products but I love tinkering with motors and am a truck driver by trade. All along my eyelids would get puffy and sore and tiny little white lumps would appear. The allergic reaction increased significantly when I started driving road trains through remote areas and had to do repairs myself in extremely hot weather. The allergic reaction became almost unbearable because my hands started swelling up and the palms of my hands and fingers were covered in hundreds of irritating lumps. On my next week long break from driving, I was given some zeolite soap and told that it would help.

It helped so well that the lumps and swelling went down almost overnight. I took the soap back on the road with me and now use it every day in the shower and every time I wash my hands and have had no allergic reactions since.  What I really like about it, too, is that it is so long lasting that it lasts for weeks and never goes soft in my soap container.

S. Myall, Tea Gardens, NSW, May 2013


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