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Australian Superfine Zeolite Powder
A powerful detoxifying mineral


Australian Organic Certified

We come in contact with heavy metals every day and a build up can cause heavy metal toxicity which is associated with a wide range of health problems such as


•    weakened immune system
•    gastrointestinal disorders
•    loss of libido
•    diabetes
•    candida
•    psoriasis
•    fatty liver

Many of these conditions and many more are greatly improved when heavy metal toxicity is reduced.

Zeolite powder helps to remove toxic pollutants from your system, especially the heavy metals mercury, lead and cadmium as well as volatile organic compounds and radionuclides.


The World Health Organization reported that 7million people died throughout the world in 2012 through causes associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution.  In 1996 the CSIRO carried out an urban soil study in Glebe, NSW to investigate the occurrence of lead, zinc, copper and cadmium in the topsoil.  Geostatistical analysis showed some large high-risk areas.

Heavy metals are emitted from coal burning power stations and other sources.  They eventually settle on the ground where they are blown around and settle as dust.  Food grown on these soils is contaminated by heavy metals.  Same with radionuclides which drift through the atmosphere and settle on the land and water.

Tattoo ink, lip gloss and commercial hair dyes are other sources of exposure.

Zeolite is the best combatant against heavy metal toxicity.


Taking zeolite regularly may also help to normalise weight and clear acne.


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